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About Velo Textiles is the parent website for our company which is Velo Textile Trading LLC and is owned and managed by the named company which offers a collection of products from t-shirts, dress shirts to casual kurta's and tops, we offer a comprehensive range of clothes for men and women of young ages. Quality fabrics, modern cuts/comfort, and affordable prices throughout the year will allow you to be at the forefront of the trend for this season. Velo Textile's team of stylists combine to offer fashion pieces ever designed in high quality materials and durable, the brand's signature.

Velo Textiles is trying to constantly diversify the market offering with a wide range of products, expanding its product line and category to entertain its new and existing followers. The trust built at both ends allow a hassle free and stress less shopping experience. 3 lines (classical, fashion and casual) are supplemented by the second mark too fashion to offer younger models and original cuts associated with sprung.

Velo Textile's store, present throughout Earth, welcomes you to discover our wide variety of products for men & women online. At Velo Textiles, shopping CAN'T go wrong!